Why You Should Study With Dan

  • Average GMAT score improvement (even after completing a different class prior to meeting me)- 110 points
  • 92% of my students have scored a 700 or higher on the GMAT or a combined 326 on the GRE
  • Every year, I have clients gain acceptance to each of the TOP 8 MBA programs – Harvard, Kellogg, Wharton, Stanford, Booth, MIT Sloan, Haas, CBS, and of course have scholarship money thrown at them left and right by other programs
Private tutoring is by far the most effective and most efficient way to prepare. I’ve seen countless people drift in and out of larger classes where, by necessity, a routine curriculum is delivered. You don’t need that. You need to spend quality time hitting hard that which you are weakest at. You don’t need to relearn how to add fractions. You can do that in your own time. Any tutoring company that spends time covering that is taking your money. Let’s take a moment to talk about why you should choose my services over large test prep companies.  First, the material benefits: All large companies, from the cheapest to the frankly larcenous, demand that you pay lump sums up front and buy packages of hours, usually in the 12 – 25 range. I don’t. I’ll tutor you up front and you only pay for the time that we’ve met thus far. With other companies, you’ll have to dump at least a thousand up front and not know what you’re getting. Which brings me to my next point: Everyone has different needs. Perhaps you only need a couple of hours with an expert to fine tune your process or cover all your bases right before test day. I’m your man. Perhaps basic math is a distant memory to you and you need a complete run-through of everything you need to know, done in the most efficient way. I’m your man Whatever your needs are or whatever stage of preparation you’re in, my tutorship can be perfectly tailored. Which brings me to my overarching point: This is the MOST AFFORDABLE test prep you’ll get anywhere close to this realm of quality. Large test prep companies with central offices take your money up front and they pocket at least 2/3 of it just to introduce you to a tutor, whose contact information they jealously conceal. WHY PAY THE MIDDLEMAN? I’ve worked several of the large companies that you can name (I dare not speak their names), and it is senseless that they keep most of the money when we do the work. We both win when we cut out the middleman. Money-back-guarantees offered by large prep companies are insults to our intelligence; if you study at all you’ll get a higher score. My pay-as-you-go plan is better than any guarantee. With me, you can at least give it a shot. They can’t offer you that. I can provide all of the practice tests and material you’ll ever need.