Over my years of tutoring I’ve developed a proprietary approach to mastering the content of the GMAT and GRE. I treat this like it’s a subject in school and I simply teach you how to do every type of problem. I like to structure the lessons by topic (geometry, probability, divisibility, etc), where we sit and absolutely smother a topic from every angle. I can do this is any order or with any intensity you need, but I typically cover the GMAT Quantitative in this order, each of these being a one hour session:

  1. Divisibility and Number Properties
  2. Work Rate
  3. Distance Rate
  4. Exponents
  5. Combinatorics
  6. Probability
  7. Geometry
  8. Coordinate Geometry
  9. Absolute Value and Inequalities, Sequences
  10. Statistics, Functions
  11. Overlapping Sets and Mixture Problems
  12. Algebra

And I believe the GMAT verbal material can be covered efficiently in just a few sessions, such as this:

  1. Critical Reasoning- weaken, assumption, strengthen
  2. Critical Reasoning- Inference, Bold Face, Evaluate the Argument, Paradox
  3. Sentence Correction – workout 1 (I’m happy to explain)
  4. Sentence Correction – workout 2
  5. Reading Comprehension

Again, I do this for a living so I can do anything you need, economize the lessons, work on integrated reasoning or the essay, etc. Just ask!

I live on the Upper East Side and my office is in midtown. I also have a wealth of experience tutoring online. No matter your location or exotic time zone, wherever in the world you are we can meet via video chat. My office is located at 750 Lexington Avenue in Manhattan, close to many trains. I have a unique approach to mastering GMAT content and can tailor it to your specific needs. Call me to talk in more detail 8622180441