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With tricky geometry problems, always draw the figure to scale as much as possible, and remember that every issue reverts back to your basic geometric rules. Arc RTU is what fraction of the total circumference here?

With probability, use slots to represent each of the picks you will be making. Lable what you want to happen, and then fill in the appropriate probability of that happening, How many envelopes need to match their correct or incorrect addresses here?

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With mixture problems, you don’t need to juggle two different substances at the same time. Pick one of them! If Bob’s ideal ethanol mix is 10% ethanol, how far does that land comparatively between the two things he’s mixing?

Similarly, if cars and trucks combined for a 1% revenue gain, how does that revenue change land comparatively between that of trucks and that of cars?

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David L

I am so thankful to Dan for getting me through this nightmare exam. I’d worked with manhattan gmat and other tutors and Dan’s approach was like night and day different. Case in point- I had already tried over 200 work/rate problems and was barely more accurate than if I just flipped a coin for each answer. One private test prep company actually taught me to just guess on those. Dan rebuilt me from the ground up, gave me a remarkably consistent, systematic way to do each type of rate problem and after an hour of working together I was able to get almost every single one right. We worked through his whole curriculum like that and I’m happy to say I finally scored a 720! I beat my target score by 20 points! Dan was also super flexible, patient and pleasant to work with. I had almost given up on business school. Thanks Dan!!

October 8, 2020

David M

I had a fantastic experience with Dan. I boosted my GMAT score 110 points in 2 months and I'm very happy with the number I submitted. I had struggled with quant performance on my first crack at the GMAT and knew that I needed some specialized help, something more hands-on and personalized than Manhattan Prep or the other big services. Dan helped me tremendously with the knowledge gaps in my quant and was flexible and easy to work with around my hectic work schedule. He's a good dude and I would recommend him to anyone.

November 23, 2019

Andrew M

Dan is a patient, encouraging, and realistic tutor who knows how to deliver results efficiently in a way that works for his students. I met with Dan for the first time less than 5 weeks before my GMAT test date. I had been scoring 640 on my practice exams, with a goal of cracking 700 by test day. Dan and I met twice a week for an hour until my exam, with him assigning practice material in between; I was delighted to walk away with a 720. I would highly recommend Dan for anyone interested in seeing results quickly, especially those with inflexible study schedules; he could not be more accommodating, and is a total pleasure to work with!

December 1, 2019