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Hi I’m Daniel,

790 GMAT (q50, V48) and 168/170 GRE. Here’s my score report. I have successfully tutored over 900 students in New York City and around the world, reaching a grand total of over 15000 tutoring hours. My average client improves 110 points or more after working through my system, even if they’ve already completed another course. My students work in every major industry and come from every background imaginable. I’m happy to provide references. Every year I place students at each of the top MBA programs in the world- HBS, Booth, Stanford, Wharton, Sloan, Kellogg, Haas, etc. I’m happy to introduce you to past clients as well as my contacts in the admissions consulting industry. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Please enjoy my website, check out the the link to my Thumbtack reviews on the following page, and feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns, even if you just want free advice or want to know how to take a free diagnostic practice test from www.mba.com! I have a unique, entirely content-based approach that teaches you GMAT problem architectures that cover every problem you’ll face on the GMAT. Most tutors teach the GMAT secondarily to the SAT and ACT. I only teach the GMAT, all day every day (and GRE!).

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Jacob G.
Dan was an excellent tutor! My original goal was to increase my GMAT score from 580 to 620, and after studying with Dan for just a little over a month, I was able to score 650. He's also very personable, and patient, and genuinely wants you to succeed. Would 100% recommend this guy to anyone who wants to score high on the GMAT!
Kathryn Y.
Dan was very helpful, flexible, and kind when it came to helping me study for the GMAT. I definitely struggled with the testing portion of my application, and Dan helped improve both my scores and my confidence. I was able to get into my dream school and I was offered a scholarship! I’m thrilled with my results and couldn’t recommend Dan more.
Chae P.
Dan is an amazing tutor. He is so responsive and comprehensive in the GRE material. I’ve had different GRE tutors before but Dan is by far the best. If you’re serious about increasing your score, definitely give Dan a chance!
Shazia K.
What can I say about Dan!! Just phenomenal! He taught GMAT to my daughter and she had started with a low score when we found him but she ended up with a 99 percentile! You are amazing and although you are a bit steep with your charges but at the end of the day, it was all worth it! Thanks so so much 🙂
Dusty F.
Working with Dan was a great experience. I especially liked the way he explained how I should think about reading comprehension and critical reasoning questions. Verbal sections on standardized tests have always been difficult for me to score well on, to include the SAT and GRE, but with Dan I was able to improve from a 31 verbal on my first practice exam to as high as a 44 (98th percentile) on one of my later practice exams. I highly recommend Dan for anyone looking to get over a plateau you have encountered, because Dan will help take you to the next level.
Tiana S.
I could not recommend Dan the GMAT Man MORE! I've been out of school for 10+ years and was never a good test taker, so I started my studying process with minimal confidence in myself. Dan was amazing. I learned SO much from him, he helped break down all of the complex concepts into simple terms/ formulas to the point that I was able to fully grasp them and apply them. I never thought I would have even close to as much success as I had after working with Dan. On top of how brilliant he is and how incredible of a teacher he is, he is also extremely supportive, responsive and flexible with scheduling. He always responded quickly and positively whenever I texted him in between our sessions any questions I had and he was always really supportive and encouraging whenever I struggled. He made sure I never gave up and I am so grateful to him! He is also really great at scheduling and was always on time to our sessions. I really cannot believe how much I learned from him, I wish I had his help when I was younger! I also tried working with a different tutor before I met Dan, and started to doubt if going back to grad school and taking the GMAT was even a good idea for me. I struggled with every question and was getting terrible scores, until I met Dan. I told him my experience and what I was struggling with and he broke it down into the most simple concepts for me, that I started acing all of my practice test right away. If you are looking to get the best score possible on the GMAT, please do yourself a favor and hire Dan! He is an incredible teacher and will help you unlock your highest potential! If I could give more stars I would!!! Thank you Dan!!
Zach C.
If you're looking for a GMAT tutor, Danny is the man--flexible, friendly, very smart. Danny was the main reason I was able to get my current GMAT score. When I came to him I was lost on the Quant section. His approach was deliberate and methodical. I was hesitant about the price, but for what the GMAT means to B-school, I would 100% recommend.
Katherine K.
Comprehensive material and very thorough! Packed a lot of information into a short amount of time and was very helpful in increasing my score. Lots of useful tools/study guides.
Rachel T.
Dan helped me increase my score by 50 points in less than 3 weeks!! He provides a ton of resources for practicing problems after each session. Highly recommend!
Ashley S.
Dan was an absolute game changer. Every other approach I had tried over the last year just had be going through one problem set after the other, learning how to do one particular problem- but the issue was I would miss the problem once you changed it a little bit. With Dan, we took a progressive approach where we worked through the questions in a logical order and covered all of the variations of each problem type that came up on my GMAT. This made ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD. As others have said on here, my only regret is that I didn’t find him sooner. I spent so much time spinning my wheels before meeting him but now i reached my target score of 750!