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In a word, Dan is awesome. He is very professional, easy to work with (even remotely), and knows what's up with the GMAT. I went from a 550 to a 620 to a 710! Dan was a big part of how I learned what I needed to know & increase my score to where I wanted it to be. I took 1 GMAT prep course in person which didn't do much to actually prepare me to ace the test. Dan has a very structured way of going through the different types of tricky questions the GMAT poses & was al

Maya E. November 3, 2019

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After some neutral to negative experiences with GMAT tutors in the past, I was a bit skeptical at first, but Dan proved to me from the beginning that he understood the ins and outs of the exam. I struggled for the longest time to get a 700+ score, but Dan managed to help get me there in 10 hours. He comes prepared and makes the material you need to know SO easy to understand. On top of that, he's flexible and easy to work with. 100% recommend Dan.

Grace A November 3, 2019

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Working with Dan was awesome! He is a great coach--always positive, always encouraging. Dan was way easy to work with. I really appreciated that he made the most out of every session; he does a great job balancing time management and optimizing material covered. He was stellar at explaining new concepts/principles and at reviewing tough questions that I had trouble working through. From my experience with Dan, I know that he had my best interest at heart. He genuinely wanted to help me succeed and achieve my goals on the GMAT. I feel like in this niche line of work, a tutor could sit back and just focus on making a buck without giving you their best effort. That is NOT Dan. Dan gets satisfaction from helping individuals grasp the concepts, slay the GMAT, and get the scores necessary to get into their top school choices. I applied to three schools and was able to get the scores necessary to get accepted to all three with--and only with--Dan's help. The only issue I have with working with Dan is that I did not reach out to him sooner!

Matt D November 3, 2019

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I had a great experience with Dan as a tutor! I ended up getting a 760 on the GMAT, which I truly never would have expected coming into the experience. I had very low confidence to start and knew none of the material. Dan had a lesson for each aspect of the test and made sure I knew how to answer every type of question I could expect to see. He walked me through the entire process, providing all my study materials and telling me when to take practice tests. Dan's strategies and approach made the GMAT material feel approachable in a way I never could have imagined it feeling before we started working together. I highly recommend working with Dan to anyone who feels daunted by the prospect of taking this test.

Liat W November 3, 2019

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Dan the GMAT Man is The Man! He has a great approach that not only familiarizes you with the material, but also gets you up to speed (as timing can present a challenge). He provided a lot of practice material. I thank him for a 80-point increase in score.

Ann S. July 16, 2018

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Dan was an awesome tutor. We worked together for 3 months at the beginning of 2018. His knowledge and insights of the GMAT helped me improve my score from a 550 to a 680! I would highly recommend Dan for anyone looking to rock the GMAT.

Nathan S. July 16, 2018

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I don't have enough words to describe what an amazing tutor Dan is. I spent over 7 months studying for the GMAT with Dan. He was consistently professional, had an organized plan of attack for each session, and was always available for follow-up questions. This past week I got into the #1 MBA program in the U.S and my top choice, Chicago Booth. I could not have accomplished this without Dan's guidance and I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone focused on getting into a top 5 school.

Maya C. July 16, 2018

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